Tan Cuong Fish hook

This is a Vietnamese green tea. It is called “fish hook” due to the curved nature of the leaves.


The packaging is below.


It produces a pale green liquor. I planned not to put up any more pictures of tea in a mug as it does not photograph as well as my glass tea set but I broke my glass teapot by dropping an electric fan on top of it by accident. I have ordered another one though.


Brewing method: 80 degrees for two minutes

My brewing method: 80 degrees for two minutes (increase steeping time with each infusion by around 30 seconds).

Taste: Vegetal and slightly astringent with an unami flavour. I am a big fan of Korean Nokcha (green tea) but it is expensive to import to the UK and due to the small size of South Korea and the fact most of the tea they produce goes to the domestic market there is a smaller amount available. This Vietnamese tea tastes very similar and is considerably cheaper.

Subsequent infusions: The flavour remains consistent with subsequent infusions though I felt by the third infusion the strength of the flavour was weakening but increasing the steeping time by a minute with each infusions solves this. I got five infusions out of one teaspoon of leaves.

Conclusion: This is the only Vietnamese tea I have ever tried I tend to stick to Indian black teas and Chinese, Japanese and Korean teas but several people recommended this one so I had to try it. I still prefer Korean Nokcha but given how hard it can be to get hold of and how expensive this is an acceptable, good quality alternative.

Recommended if you like: Korean green teas, Genmaicha.

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