Rose bud tea

“Tea” refers to any drink made from the Camellia Sinensis plant so other drinks made from things such as herbs, flowers or fruit are called tisanes. This “tea” is made from whole rose buds and therefore it is a tisane.

See full rose buds in the tea pot below (side note: I replaced the tea pot I broke).


There is a strong rose scent, this tea smells like rose perfume. It produces a pale yellowy green liquor.


Brewing method: 100 degrees for 2-4 minutes

My brewing method: 100 degrees for 3 minutes

Taste: Like rose, obviously. Floral, slightly sweet.

Conclusion: Smells wonderful, I am not such a fan of the taste so I probably won’t make it again but I enjoy using flowers and herbs in cooking so I doubt the rest of the rose buds will go to waste.

Recommended if: you enjoy Jasmine tea or tisanes made from flowers.

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