Rare Ceylon silver tips

This is a white tea from Sri-Lanka (Sri-Lanka used to be part of the British empire and when it was it was called Ceylon this is why even though the country name changed tea imported from Sri-Lanka is often referred to as Ceylon tea.


When I take it out of the packet the tea resembles high quality Yin Zhen there is noticeable “fur” on the leaves as in all high quality silver needle style teas.


When brewed it produces a pale yellow liquor typical of good quality white teas, a good quality white tea will not produce a liquor that is too “yellow”.


Brewing method: 70 degrees for 3-4 minutes

My brewing method: 70 degrees for 4 minutes

Taste: Fruity and sweet like many white teas with a delicate honey aroma. Not quite as fruity as Chinese white teas such as Bai mu dan but it is quite close in flavour to Yin Zhen though the flavour is slightly stronger and less subtle. Just as good as Chinese Yin Zhen in my opinion. Though not a cheap version as it is actually slightly more expensive than the Yin Zhen.

Subsequent infusions: According to the packaging the leaves can be infused once more however I was dissapointed by the second infusion as it was lacking in flavour compared to the first.

Conclusion: A very enjoyable tea. I prefer the taste of Ceylon silver tips to Yin Zhen but only just, it was a hard decision. Though as the Ceylon tea is more expensive than Yin Zhen and can only be used for one resteeping which is not so good as the initial brewing while Yin Zhen can be infused several times the Chinese Yin Zhen is of better value. However if taste is more important to you than value I would recommend trying this tea.

Recommended if you like: Yin Zhen, white teas in general.

2 thoughts on “Rare Ceylon silver tips

  1. It’s good to see Sri Lanka’s shift to artisan teas! The dry tea looks really fresh and furry. When you refer to ‘Yin Zhen’ what grade are you comparing it to? Chinese Yin Zhen is produced in Yunnan and Fujian and they taste pretty different. There are also lots of grades available for both regions.


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