For my US readers.

It has come to my attention that my readership is overwhelmingly American. In fact my American readers equal more than my readers from every other country combined.

I was surprised at this but I welcome American tea nerds (or tea nerds of any other nationality for that matter).

As my goal is to make getting into tea easy I include clear instructions including temperatures. However Britain and America use different systems for not only temperature but many types of measurement.

I could keep doing things the way I have been so if you want to make a tea I have written should be brewed at 80 degrees Celsius you would have to look up what that is in Fahrenheit yourself, but I will do the work for you. Aren’t I nice? (80 degrees Celsius is 176 degrees Fahrenheit by the way).

Therefore from now on I shall be doing the following;

  • Giving recommended brewing temperature in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius
  • When writing about the volume of liquid required I shall use oz as well as ml.
  • Where I am aware of a difference I shall use imperial measurements as well as metric.
  • When mentioning price I shall give the price in dollars as well as pounds sterling (Note: Prices are correct rounded to the nearest dollar as of time of writing, you may not be able to find items mentioned at the prices mentioned in the US the equivalent price is merely to aid your understanding).

I shall be using online converters to do all of this so I cannot be 100 per cent sure the imperial system measurements/price in dollars/temperature in Fahrenheit are correct online converters are usually pretty good but not infallible so if you notice something that doesn’t sound right do please let me know.

When I have time I will probably go back and add imperial measurements and Fahrenheit to the posts in my archives but this will not happen immediately. Though the above rules to apply to every post going forward.



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