Supermilk Earl Grey Chocolate

This is different to my normal reviews. However it is tea enough that it counts.

Hotel Chocolat is a luxury British chocolate company (though I believe the ship orders internationally). They emphasise chocolate should contain a lot of cocoa and less sugar and sell chocolate accordingly by percentages.

I found this bar at the London Euston which has a small hotel chocolat shop inside the station. I had not seen this flavour before so I bought some out of curiosity.

As I have a sweet tooth I like the 50 per cent cocoa one best as I find it the right balance. This Supermilk earl grey is 65 per cent cocoa chocolate with earl grey tea leaves contained within. I have a sweet tooth and my favourite chocolate combination is the 50 per cent cocoa one (bars range from 40 per cent-95 per cent cocoa) but I have enjoyed supermilk (65 per cent) bars before.


In the interests of full disclosure, I am not a fan of Earl Grey tea. I just never “got” it. I have however had Earl Grey flavoured sponge cake and I enjoyed it so I thought I’d give this a go.

The chocolate comes in two smaller bars within the packet and has an attractive pattern with the hotel chocolate logo carved on the front.


It smell a lot like the more common dark chocolate with orange, which isn’t surprising as earl grey contains bergamot oil and bergamot is an orange.

The initial taste is of rich cocoa and orange though after you swallow the chocolate there is a strong after taste of earl grey tea. I quite enjoy the balance of the earl grey and chocolate flavours but as I am not so fond of dark chocolate I would love it more if there was a slightly lower percentage of cocoa. I would be tempted to try a 50 per cent cocoa version but I don’t think I personally would buy it again.

However I think this is a must try for any fans of both earl grey and dark chocolate.



3 thoughts on “Supermilk Earl Grey Chocolate

  1. Just wanted to let you know I miss your blog. You are what inspired me to get my first gaiwan set. Hope you’re doing well!


    • Thanks! I haven’t stop I’m in the process of moving across the country and starting a new job so I haven’t had much time recently. Hopefully by next week or the week I should be back to postibg regularly.


      • Oh my, that’s a lot going on. Take your time getting back. 🙂 Can’t wait for your next post.


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