T2 infuser mugs

It’s been ages since I wrote anything here. I’ve been in the process of moving and starting a new job as well so I didn’t have much spare time to relax.

I am still waiting for my tea set to be sent to my new flat but I live right near a T2. I have never heard of them before a few weeks ago.

T2 is a high street tea shop in the UK. The sell tea and tea ware. There is one right near my new London flat and as my delicate tea set is being packaged by my mother and sent down separately (couldn’t fit in suitcase) I needed a stop gap device to brew loose leaf.

There are all sorts of nice tea pots, cups and brewing devices but I have limited space and my tea set will be coming soon so I settled for a basic mug with a basket infuser.

The mug is an attractive brightly coloured design, there are a variety of attractive colours and designs, after much deliberation this is the one I chose. It is called “pimp my pale pink mug with infuser” The mug comes in three parts, mug, lid and basket infuser.


The mug is pretty heavy and a fair size and has a capacity of 400ml (which is the same as my glass teapot. It feels very hardy and the walls are thick so the hot water will not burn your hands.


The infuser is specifically designed for the mug. It is a metal infuser with many small holes. I personally am used to glass infusers with small slits in the bottom but this type with many small holes means far less tea leaves (if any) end up in the brew.

The small handle protruding from the infuser also helps prevent clumsy people like me from burning their hands when removing the leaves (see below with peppermint tea).


The lid has an attractive pattern on the underside as well.


The best feature of the lid is that the infuser fits perfectly on the lid, so once the tea is perfectly brewed you can place the infuser on the lid by using it as a coaster.


I still prefer the ritual of gong fu brewing in my gaiwan or in my glass tea set, but technically this smaller set up makes a perfectly good cup of tea.

I have even bought a second one in my second favourite pattern the “Moroccan tealeidoscope aqua” to keep in my locker at work along with a supply of loose leaf tea, because unfortunately bringing an entire gong fu tea set into work and spending a long period of time on the tea ceremony is frowned upon, but with this mug I can put some loose leaf in the infuser in the morning, add water and the same leaves will last me for 2-4 cups of tea with minimal effort.


  • Good quality mug
  • Walls are thick so you aren’t likely to be burned by hot tea
  • Pretty patterns
  • The lid that you can put the infuser on is far more useful than you would think while waiting for the water to cool enough to add the leaves or when removing the leaves after brewing.
  • Good capacity (400ml or 13.5 us fl oz)
  • Basket infuser has small holes so tea leaves don’t end up floating in the brewed tea.


  • Price, at £25 (nearly $33) per mug they are not unaffordable but they don’t come cheap.
  • Not as satisfying as brewing with an entire tea set
  • Mug is quite heavy



If you are looking for an easy way to brew loose leaf tea or a way that doesn’t take up much space and still produces good tea I would recommend this.

It will never replace my tea set, as for me brewing the tea is as pleasurable as drinking the final product, but it is perfectly serviceable until my tea set arrives and I admit there are days where even though I want tea I honestly can’t be bothered with my tea set and this is good for that as well.

It is also a simple way for me to enjoy one of my greatest pleasures, loose leaf tea, at work without taking up a lot of space in my locker. Like most people I spent about 8 hours a day at work and forgoing tea for that long is not something I want to do.


One thought on “T2 infuser mugs

  1. Welcome back! That is a very pretty mug. It almost makes me wistful for the days when my only teaware was an infuser mug at my desk and my English china tea sets at home.


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