Lung Phin Tiger monkey

This is a Vietnamese green tea, I’m not overly familiar with Vietnamese teas. I have only had Tan Cong (fish hook) green tea from Vietnam before.


The leaves are thicker than Tan cong but still wiry, it looks a bit like a green bi lo chun to me (plus I get to show off my new cha-he its made of celadon which is one of my favourite materials for teaware).


It produces a pale green liquor. Also I am showing off my new coaster and tea cup, both are made of wood with silver inside the tea cup and on the decoration on the coaster (it was my birthday in March and I treated myself to a load of new tea ware).


Brewing instructions: 1-2 minutes at 80 degrees celsius (176 fahrenheit)

My brewing parameters: 1 minute at 80 degrees celsius (176 fahrenheit)

Taste: Initially smoky, then vegetal, citrus like after taste a little peppery. Unusual flavour profile. Enjoyable though I personally prefer Tan Cong fish hook to this.

Subsequent steepings: The second steeping was a lot more smoky which I didn’t find so enjoyable, the third was more balanced between vegetal notes and smokiness, the fourth and final steeping was more fruity than the others, a mixture of citrus and peppery notes.

Conclusion: Unusual flavour profile, I can’t decide if I liked it or not, it is quite smoky and I don’t tend to enjoy smokiness is my teas but in this one it was more balanced with other flavours making it slightly more pleasant. I’ll probably finish off what I have at some point but I’m not sure I’ll bother buying this one again.

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